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How to ensure my activity confirmation will pass moderation?

You can add activity to the app in two ways: by setting up automatic synchronization and manually.

If the sync is set up
If you choose synchronization, the activity is automatically added to the app and displayed in the "My Profile" section with calories spent during the workout, but without a photo.(To view “My Profile” click the round icon with your photo in the upper right corner of the main screen)

Exception: steps – calories are not displayed for them.

Steps are added only automatically – as a result of a smartphone or a fitness tracker sync with the app. They cannot be added manually.
Confirmation is not required if all your activities are synced automatically.

The app receives activity data from your fitness trackers and gadgets indirectly, via Google Fit (for Android phones) and Apple Health (for iPhone).
(Google Fit can be used as fitness tracker on its own, if the “Track workout” option is enabled)

Be careful — if activities were added to fitness trackers manually or were edited, they will not be uploaded into the app via sync, as this data could have been distorted ****while entering into the tracker.

If data input is manual
Manually input activities need to be confirmed, otherwise the moderator may reject them. This is especially important for manually added workouts with extreme indications — for example, 30 km swim in an hour, 100 km run in 2 hours, etc.
Since there is a high risk of data distortion during manual input, activity confirmation helps to avoid unfair charging and create transparent conditions.

What is needed for confirmation?
You need to attach an image (photo or screenshot) that indicates your presence at the workout and the activity performance.

What kind of images fit:
  1. screenshot, photo of a sports tracker or a gadget with activity log (type of workout, date, workout start time, end time, distance)
  2. photo of a training machine with activity details on display (for example, some exercise bikes have a display with training log)
  3. workout selfies (if an activity is inconvenient for taking selfies in process, for example swimming, selfies from the locker room are allowed)
  4. your workout process photo (you can ask the coach or someone else to take a picture of you).

⚠️The activity photo has to be unique. You cannot confirm different workouts with the same photo. Such activities will be deleted by moderators. The same confirmations from different participants will also be rejected.

⚠️Be careful — photos without you in the frame may raise questions from other participants of the global challenge. In this case, the moderator may request additional confirmation that you were engaged in this physical activity. If you refuse to confirm the activity or the confirmation does not meet the criteria described above (see "What is needed for confirmation", "What kind of images fit") — the moderator has the right to delete your activity.

⚠️If you have noticed that your colleagues’ activity confirmation is not convincing or their workout indications are extremely high, you can report them to the moderator for verification. To do this, click on three dots in the upper right corner of the activity block.

  1. Activities with too many complaints are sent for moderation first off.
  2. If an activity clearly violates the confirmation rules (the same image repeats in several activities, the image does not correspond to the type of activity), the moderator deletes it without explanation.
  3. If the confirmation raises questions (neither training log nor the face of the person training is provided), the moderator asks the user who uploaded questionable activity to send additional confirmations.
  4. If the user does not provide them within three days of the moderator's request or confirmations do not comply with the rules, the moderator deletes the activity.