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How to confirm activity in the app?

You can add an activity via automatic sync or manually.

When syncing, the activity is added automatically to the app. It comes with calories burned but without a photo. Exception: steps, calories are not displayed for them.
Steps are added only automatically – via app sync with your smartphone or fitness tracker counting steps. You cannot add them manually.

When adding an activity manually (except steps), you need to add a photo of a workout. Important: the photo must confirm your presence at the workout. Here are the images that fit:
  1. Workout selfie — show yourself. We recommend adding it to the synced activity.
  2. Your track or time — show the watch. Or attach a workout summary screenshot.

Be careful, a photo of a park or a sports ground without you in the frame may raise questions from other participants of the global challenge and require additional confirmation that you were engaged in physical activity.