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Let's briefly describe how the app works: what are the boosts⚡️, challenges, how the participants’ ratings are formed, and what other useful options there are.
Are the internal currency of the app. For example, the tracker considers the number of kilometers when you running. The application then converts this data into boost⚡️ using special coefficients.
Are the results of running workouts automatically synchronized with the app or manually uploaded by the user. Activity data (kilometers of running) are automatically transferred to boosts ⚡️ as soon as they are uploaded to the app. The activities and the number of boosts ⚡️they give are displayed on the personal page - "My Profile", and in the "Activity Feed" (next to the "Workout of the Day" widget → "View All" button). Check out the results of all participants’ activities and be inspired by the success of your colleagues!
To automatically add activities, sync the app with Apple Health or Google Fit, depending on your device.
The global challenge
Is a common goal for the entire team, and each participant's contribution is essential on the way to it. The user automatically gets into the global challenge, and all his activities are also automatically counted into the common “piggy bank”, bringing the team closer to the goal.
The major goal of the challenge Sinet Run Challenge 2022 — $3000 or 300000 boosts:zap:️ in 100 days, where 1 boost:zap:️ is equal to $0.01.
Personal challenges
Are short (a few days) rrunning workout tasks. The user decides whether or not to participate in such challenges. For the successful completion of such a challenge, bonus boosts ⚡️ are awarded — and they fall not only into the personal standings but also into the global challenge.
The tasks are described inside — you just need to select the personal challenge that interests you. By type, tasks are for time, the number of repetitions, and distance.
Are small groups to which users are assigned when registering in the app. Forming teams from a large collective motivates each participant toward a common goal. In addition, teams have their own chats where participants can inspire each other personally — in a group of 5-10 people, this is easier to do than in a global chat with tens or hundreds of participants. Also, the competitive spirit between teams gives more drive and excitement to complete the global challenge.
Are lined up by the number of boosts ⚡️ collected and are updated every month. In addition, the ratings take into account bonus boosts⚡️ for completed personal challenges.
Ratings are individual and team.
In the individual, the top users accumulate the most boosts⚡️ in a month.
In team ratings, the championship is determined by the average number of boosts⚡️ per team member. This is to equalize the chances among the groups, regardless of the number of participants.
There are team chats where only members of a particular team can communicate, and there is a global chat — for all the users. We recommend turning on notifications, so you don't miss any messages. There is also a chat with the support team.
Help and support
In the "Settings" section, there are tips on basic settings and possible questions about the mechanics of the application. Then, if something doesn’t work or needs changes, write to the support chat. We respond promptly and to the point.
Helpful Articles
The Blog section contains articles from experts on nutrition, training and recovery, guides on exercise and stress reduction practices.