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How to sync steps?

As soon as you get up from the desk or bed and pick up your smartphone, each step is automatically recorded in the Apple Health or Google Fit trackers pre-installed on the gadget. At the end of the day Apple Health and Google Fit send the number of steps taken per day to our app, you just need to open the app to get the automatic sync started – and you will see them in your profile.

When closed, the app stores your steps log for three days. If you do not log in to the app at least twice a week, there is a risk of losing your steps and not earning charges ⚡️.

The number of steps can be added to the app only via automatic sync; manual input is not available. If you cannot always carry a smartphone or other gadget for counting steps, you may add the distance covered manually by selecting the activity "Power walking" or "Hiking", if you walked over uneven terrain and confirm it with a selfie during hiking.

Steps uploaded via automatic sync are a unique type of physical activity. The app counts only their number, but not time or distance. This means that the number of steps is not taken into account in the distance, time or number of reps challenges. But all charges ⚡️ earned for steps are added to the main challenge score and contribute to individual and team ratings.