How the application works (Eng)

What do the levels of participants mean?

There are five levels. They comply with WHO recommendations: the first level means a sedentary lifestyle. The last one stands for an energetic and healthy way of living. Collect charges ⚡️ to level up.

All users have the first, basic level. The second one is for those who collect 25 ⚡️ a week (4000 steps / day + 1 workout). Third – 32 ⚡️ Fourth – 45 ⚡️ Fifth – 60 ⚡️ per week.

Levels are updated on Tuesdays based on user activity over the past 2 months — therefore, regular practice is important to notice progress.

If the global challenge has just begun, initially the baseline level is 2 — the starting level is displayed for 2 months.Then the level is recalculated, depending on the user's activity — it can either grow if the user has been actively engaged in the past 2 months, or stay in place if the user has led a sedentary lifestyle.

You can view your level in the "My Profile" section.