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How are activities moderated?

We stand for honesty towards each other! Each activity must be confirmed. It is important to consider only active training time, excluding rest time.

There is social monitoring in the app. It works in two scenarios:
  1. When you click on 3 dots next to the participant's activity, a "Report" button appears. The complaint is automatically sent to moderators who check the activity.
  2. In the "Chats" section there is a chat support where you can write about other users’ errors. This information is also passed on to moderators who check the accuracy of activity data.

If the project rules are broken, the moderator can:
  1. Delete the user's activity if it is not confirmed by the tracker.
  2. Warn the user about the rules of activity input.
  3. Remove a user for systematic violation of the rules.

⚠️ Please note that each activity has its own restrictions on adding. You can learn more about the minimum and maximum values in the section "How are charges calculated?"
⚠️ Please do not publish complaints in the general chat – it can cause demotivation of the participants. Contact chat support to resolve the issue swiftly.