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How to add a workout if I have an Android

Now we will tell you how to make sure your workouts get into the app automatically.

Step 1. Find Google Fit on your phone or download it
Workouts are uploaded automatically from Google Fit app
Some Android smartphones don’t have Google Fit app installed by default. In this case, download and install the app.

Step 2. Allow Google Fit sync to Stayfitt project app.
  1. Go to Stayfitt settings
  2. Select the Google Fit sports tracker and tick the box. Be sure to enable full data synchronization by ticking all permission boxes.
  3. Also go to the sports tracker (Google Fit) and check that all data is allowed to sync.

Step 3. Add your sports apps or devices to Google Fit
You can connect your sports gadgets to this program and all activity and workout data will be automatically sent to our challenge. By the way, the data may be synchronized with a delay – this sometimes happens, you just have to wait.

To enable automatic data upload from your sports gadget, connect synchronization with Google Fit from the application on your gadget.

Instructions for Google Fit:

If you don't have a sports gadget, you can add activities manually.