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How is time zone difference taken care of?

The app works in Moscow. But this does not mean that users from other regions cannot exercise according to their time, uploading activities and steps. How does it work?

For example, a user has +1 hour. Global challenge starts at midnight Moscow time, which means it is already 01:00 in the region. The user will have extra time at the end of the global challenge, so that he does not lose a whole hour:

  • To upload any activities, except for steps, the number of hours equal to the time difference with Moscow will be added. So, if the difference is +1 hour – as in the example – at the end of the global challenge the user will receive +1 hour at midnight Moscow time.
  • Steps sync works a bit differently technically, so the user will be given not hours equal to the difference with Moscow, but a whole day. So, the app will not count his steps for the day of the start, because this day is incomplete. Instead, the user will have an additional day at the end: for users from Moscow the global challenge will stop, while those who live in the region will be able to sync their steps with the app during this additional day.

This way everyone will be on an equal footing regardless of geography and will be able to exercise with comfort at their own pace and time.