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Welcome to the healthy lifestyle space! We are glad to have you here with us.
Here is a brief description of how the app works: what charges ⚡️, challenges and activity levels are, how the rating system works and what other useful options we have.

Charges ⚡️are an internal currency of the app. When you walk or exercise, the tracker counts steps, kilometers or workout time, and the app converts them into charges ⚡️ using special coefficients. Such unification allows everyone to engage in different types of physical activity, but to earn points according to a unified system. For example, 1 km of running is 1 ⚡️, and 1 km of cycling is 0.5 ⚡️. This means that the app will count 10 km of cycling as 5 ⚡, and 10 km of running as 10 ⚡️.

Activities are results of any workout that are synced with the app automatically or uploaded by a user manually. Activity details (workout duration, running distance) are automatically converted into charges ⚡️ as soon as the app receives them. Activities and charges earned can be found on the user’s page – “My Profile” – and in “Activity Feed” (next to the widget “Workout of the day” → click “View all” to check results of all participants’ workouts) – you can get inspired by your colleagues’ success there.
To automatically add activities, sync the app with Apple Health or Google Fit, depending on your device.

Steps sync — as soon as you get up from the desk or bed and pick up your smartphone, each step is automatically recorded in the Apple Health or Google Fit trackers pre-installed on the gadget. At the end of the day Apple Health and Google Fit send the number of steps taken per day to our app, you just need to open the app to get the automatic sync started – and you will see them in your profile.
When closed, the app stores your steps log for three days. If you do not log in to the app at least twice a week, there is a risk of losing your steps and not earning charges ⚡️.
The number of steps can be added to the app only via automatic sync; manual input is not available. If you cannot always carry a smartphone or other gadget for counting steps, you may add the distance covered manually by selecting the activity "Power walking" or "Hiking", if you walked over uneven terrain and confirm it with a selfie during hiking.

Global challenge is a common goal for the entire team, and each participant’s contribution matters on the way. The user gets into the global challenge automatically and all his activities go to the total score, bringing the team closer to the goal.

Individual Challenges are small (a couple of days) tasks with different activities or step goals. Each user decides for himself whether to sign up for such challenges or not. For completing such challenges he gets bonus charges ⚡️that go both to individual and team ratings.
Tasks are described inside the challenges – just sign up for the one you like. Tasks differ by type: for time (180 minutes on an exercise bike per week), for number of reps (3 yoga classes per week), for distance (5 kilometers of running per day) and for number of steps (10 thousand steps per day).

👟 Steps are a unique type of physical activity. The app counts only their number, but not time or distance. This means that the number of steps is not taken into account in the distance, time or number of reps challenges. But all charges ⚡️ earned for steps are added to the main challenge score and contribute to individual and team ratings.

Activity levels help each participant track his progress. There are five levels, they comply with WHO recommendations: the first level means a sedentary lifestyle. The last one stands for an energetic and healthy way of living. The more charges ⚡️ a user gets, the higher his level. All users have the first, basic level. The second one is for those who collect 25 ⚡️ a week (4000 steps / day + 1 workout). Third – 32 ⚡️ Fourth – 45 ⚡️ Fifth – 60 ⚡️ per week.
Activity levels are updated on Tuesdays based on the user’s activity over the past 2 months – therefore, regular practice is important to notice progress. You can view your level in the "My Profile" section.

Teams – all participants are split into small groups upon registration in the app. This helps to keep each participant motivated on the way to a common goal. Teams have their own chats where participants can inspire each other personally – this is easier to accomplish in a group of 5-10 people than in a general chat, which can involve tens or hundreds of participants. Also, the spirit of competition between teams gives more drive and excitement to complete the global challenge.

Ratings are based on the number of charges ⚡️ earned and are updated each month. Ratings also consider bonus charges ⚡️ for completed individual challenges.
The app has two types of ratings: individual and team.
Users who scored the most charges ⚡️ for a month get to the top of individual ratings.
Team ratings are based on the average number of charges ⚡ per a team member. This is done to even chances among teams regardless of the participants’ number.

Chats – the app has team chats where only members of a specific team can communicate, and a general chat where all users can text. We recommend turning on notifications so you don't miss any messages. There is also a chat with the support team.

Help and support team – tips on basic settings and application algorithms are provided in the "Settings" section. If something doesn’t work or needs changes, feel free to contact the chat support. We respond promptly and to the point.

Helpful Articles and Videos – The “Journal” section contains articles from experts on nutrition, training and recovery, guides on exercises and stress reduction practices. The “Classes” section on the main page has video guides on meditation and workout videos of different intensity levels: both beginners in an active lifestyle and long-time sports-addicted users will find suitable exercises.