How the application works (Eng)

What are "Individual Challenges"?

These are small individual challenges that set an active tone for the working week and help users receive bonus charges ⚡️. The user decides for himself whether to sign up for such challenges or not, and can choose a challenge to his taste at any time: every week 2–4 new personal challenges with different activities or steps goals appear in the app).
If running does not work for you, go for a swimming challenge, and if there is no time for training at all, set a goal for steps.

Successfully completed personal challenges are saved on the user's page ("My Profile") in the form of badges indicating the achieved goals, and the user receives bonus charges ⚡️ that go both to the personal credit and to the global challenge score.

To find "Individual challenges" in the app: scroll the main menu down to "Challenges" section → find widgets of several personal challenges in the "Recommended" list → choose the one you like and click "Join the challenge».

Individual challenges differ not only by activity types, but also by measurement units of the goal, for example:
●    time – 180 minutes on an exercise bike per week
●    number of reps – 3 yoga classes per week
●    distance – 5 kilometers of running per day
●    steps – 10 thousand steps per day

👟 Steps are a unique type of physical activity. The app counts only their number whereas the time or distance covered are not considered. This means that the number of steps is not taken into account in the distance, time, or number of reps challenges. But all charges ⚡️ earned for steps are added to the main challenge score and contribute to individual and team ratings.