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How to sign up for individual challenges?

“Individual Challenges” are small (from a couple of days to a couple of weeks) individual challenges that set the pace to the working week and help users get bonus charges ⚡️. Each user decides for himself whether to sign up for such challenges or not.

  • To find “Individual Challenges” in the app: scroll the main menu down to the “Challenges” section → find widgets for several personal challenges in the “Recommended” list → choose the one you like and click “Join the challenge”.
  • Every week, 2–4 new individual challenges with different activities or steps goals appear in the app. Choose what you are up to.
  • Dates and conditions of the challenge are announced in the description. Click on the individual challenge; when you accept it, you will see instructions for completing it and the current rating of participants completing the same challenge.
  • Successfully completed individual challenges are saved on the user's page ("My Profile") in the form of badges indicating achieved goals, and the user receives bonus charges⚡️that go both to the personal credit and to the global challenge score. Bonus charges ⚡️ are displayed as a reward. On average, you get from 5 to 15 charges ⚡️for completing one personal challenge.

If you completed a workout within the dates of challenge and joined afterwards, the workout will be clocked in the challenge when you update the app. The reverse principle also works – if you entered a challenge, but made a workout retroactively (for the past day), it will be accepted in the challenge (workout has to be completed within the dates of the challenge).
Users cannot create and publish their own challenges in the app.