Data sync for Android (Беговая версия)

How to set up sync for Polar (Android)?

Stayfitt receives workout data from Google Fit (for Android) and Apple Health (for iPhone) trackers preinstalled on your smartphone. To share workout data connect the Polar Flow app to your Google Fit or Apple Health trackers.

Workouts and activities from Google Fit and Apple Health are synced and downloaded with every login to Stayfitt. Steps are synced at the end of the day and uploaded for the whole day at once. Sometimes, due to the time zone difference, the number of steps per day in Stayfitt may differ from the number of steps in Google Fit or Apple Health, but no worries, the steps will not disappear, you will see them in the app the next day.

Steps to set up automatic syncing of Polar devices

Step 1: Install Polar Flow app
  • Open Polar Flow app
  • Sign in with the Google account you use for Google Fit

Step 2: Connect your Polar gadget to Polar Flow app

Step 3: Set up data transfer from Polar Flow to Google Fit
  • Click on 3 strips in the upper left corner of the screen to open the menu
  • In the list that pops up on the left, go to "General Settings"
  • Enable data sharing with Google Fit

Step 4: Make sure Stayfitt is set up to sync with Google Fit app
  • Go to "Settings" in the Stayfitt app
  • Go to the "Trackers" tab
  • Enable Google Fit
  • If Google Fit is disabled, enable it, select your Google account and allow data sharing