inDrive Run Challenge

Your well-being program inside the Stayfitt app

Start: March 20

inDrive Run Challenge

Your well-being program inside the Stayfitt app

Start: March 20
This year, inDrive turns 10!

In the spirit of our company’s drive to run the best marathons, motivate one another and always succeed, we invite you to join our global running challenge!

During this activity, you will receive the energy charges⚡️ for engaging in sports and healthy habits.

These charges ⚡️ will be used to track our collective and individual progress across all continents. The major goal is getting 10 000⚡️in 6 months for all users.

Let’s charge each other to success! Join the challenge!

What is there for you?

Team Support
The collective will be divided into teams — that way, you will get to know each other better, get support and motivation for a healthy lifestyle
Personal Challenges
Short and straightforward tasks for walking and other activities. You will receive bonus charges⚡ and a beautiful badge for completing them!
Connection with wearables
Interest-based Chats
They will help you find like-minded people and discuss collective training, equipment, and the best cycling or hiking routes
Healthy lifestyle contests
Creative tasks that will add playfulness and positivity to joining a healthy lifestyle. And, of course, with rewards!
Useful knowledge
Unique articles and videos with workouts and master classes from experts in healthy nutrition, sleep, meditation, and personal productivity

Popular fitness trackers connect with the app easily. So daily steps and workouts will sync automatically

How to participate?

Download the Stayfitt app
You will find a link for that below
Open the app and enter the code
Access code 1487
Fill out your profile
Enter your information and upload your favorite photo
Connect wearables
So your steps and activities will automatically sync with the app

Download the app here

Access code 1487


  • Confidentiality
    All personal data submitted for registration is protected. Profile information and uploaded photos will be available to other app users (your colleagues)
  • Why connect wearables or trackers?
    For the application to automatically count your daily steps and workouts, we recommend enabling a link with a fitness tracker that is already installed on your smartphone or with your favorite wearable device
  • How to connect a tracker?
    Go to the "Settings" section in the app and turn the toggle switch "ON" - for Apple Health, Google Fit, Garmin, or Polar. If you have another tracker — look for setup instructions in the app’s "Help" section
  • Is it possible not to connect trackers?
    Yes. But you must manually add workouts, confirming them with the session’s photo. Also, without a connected fitness tracker, the app cannot see your daily steps — and manually entering them is not easy.
  • If questions remain
    Text us at [email protected] or in the support chat inside the application. We'll help you sort it all out!
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